Product Name: 11-pin modular connector plug

Product model: JGT-DJL11-11G8TJW6
Product Details:

DJL11 Modular Connector

Power Contacts: 1-6 pins (you can place pins on some holes as required)

7-11 stitches (some holes may not be installed as required)

Rated current: 1-6 pins: 5A

7-11 Needle: 200A

Contact Resistance: 1.0(1.6)mΩ

Withstand pressure value: 1-6 pins: 1000V

7-11 Needle: 5000V

Terminal form: Pin: Crimp pin B. Jack: Crimp Type Y, Plate Type B, Solder Type H

Surface treatment: surface silver plating, nickel plating on the bottom

Material: Pin, Jacket Jacket Brass or Copper Alloy

Crown Spring Bronze

Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ

Mechanical life: 1000 times

Shell Material: PBT G30UL94V-0 Black

11-pin modular connector plug
  • 11-pin modular connector plug

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