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The B series metal connectors have the following main features:

Rapid push-pull self-locking system;

Welding, crimping and printed board connector pins;

Straight, 90° angled;

A variety of positioning pins can avoid mixed insertion between similar connectors.

Multi-directional shielding effect, anti-electromagnetic interference;

A variety of core type 2-32 cores, high density installation saves space;

Positioning pin system, G is standard positioning pin for connector alignment

B Series Metal Connector Technical Features:

Pulling and inserting times: >5000 times

Temperature: At a temperature of 60°, a maximum humidity of 95%

Temperature range: -45° to +125°

Vibration: 10-20000Hz, 15g

Mechanical shock: 100g.6ms

Salt spray corrosion test: >48h

Protection class: IP50

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