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Features of F Series Connectors:

1. Quick push-pull self-locking system;

2. Soldered printed board connector pins;

3. Straight, 90 ° angle type;

4. Multi-clock positioning tab selection can avoid the use of mixed insertion between similar connectors in one machine;

5. Right azimuth shielding effect, anti-electromagnetic interference;

6. Series multi-core, high-density installation saves space;

7. Positioning system, single positioning, double positioning, for connector alignment.


F Series Connector Technology Performance:

Mechanical life: 3000 times

Vibration: Frequency 10-20000Hz, Acceleration 147m/s 2 , ≤1um instantaneous breakage

Impact: Acceleration 490m/s 2 , ≤1um instantaneous breakage

Operating temperature: -55°C ~ +200°C

Relative humidity: 95% at 40°C

Protection class: IP68

Salt fog: 90h (145h for stainless steel 316L)


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