Product Name: HMC-32 module connector

Product model: HMC-32T/HMC-32Z
Product Details:

First, the main product performance indicators:

Rated current: 8# pin (power supply): 50A

22# pin (signal): 5A

Rated voltage: between power supply hole (1#~4#, 29#~32): 2500V(AC)

Signal hole position (between 5#~23#): 1500V(AC)

Between power supply and signal hole: 1500V(AC)

Contact resistance: 8# pin (power supply): ≤1.0 mΩ;

22# pin (signal): ≤5.0 mΩ

Insulation resistance: ≥3000MΩ

Mechanical life: 500 times

Vibration: 10Hz to 500Hz, acceleration 98m/s2, instantaneous breaking ≤ 1μs

Impact: peak acceleration 147m/s2, instantaneous breaking ≤ 1μs

Working temperature: -40°C~125°C

Operating Humidity: 90% to 95% (40°C±2°C)

Second, the main product materials:

Contact: 8# pin (power supply): copper alloy (silver back silver plated)

22# pin (signal): copper alloy (gold-plated nickel back surface)

Insulator: PBT+15%GF(UL94 V-0) Black

HMC-32 module connector
  • HMC-32 module connector
  • HMC-32 module connector
  • HMC-32 module connector

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