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32-core hot-swappable terminal new release

       The Golden Rooster is resigning from the old year, and the Jade Dog is stepping into spring. To this Lantern Festival, Yunyi Electronics special launch MHC-32 hot swappable terminal power connector (MHC-32T/MHC-32Z), the connector contact parts are high-strength, high elasticity please beryllium copper as a crown spring jacks and crown spring pins surface gold-plated or silver-plated, high dynamic contact reliability, plug for crimp pin, socket for the board junction pin jack (can also be made into a form of crimp), with a blind plugging function, soft plugging and unplugging, low contact resistance, high load current, excellent conductivity and other characteristics. The plug is crimped pin, the socket is crimped pin hole (can be made into crimped form), with anti-blind plugging function, soft plugging and unplugging, small plugging and unplugging force, low contact resistance, high current carrying, excellent electrical conductivity. Widely used in modular power supply interface, USB power interface, servers, charging pile battery module, new energy vehicles and so on.

                                                                                                            Yunyi Electronics
                                                                                                              March 2, 2018

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